Feasibility & Concept Studies

HAZOP Studies

Process and Environmental Studies

Basic Engineering

Process Simulation

Process Flow Diagram PFD

Piping and Instrument Diagram P&ID

Hydraulic Studies

Safety Analysis

Thermal and Hydraulic Rating of Heat Exchangers Fired Heaters

Surge and Pulsation Analysis

Operating Manuals


P&ID Control System Definition

Instrument Data Base Management

Field Instrument Data Sheet (Sizing)/Specification/Requisition

DCS/ESD/F&G/Metering System Management/Supervision

Package Specification and Vendor Document and Drawing Review

Instrumentation Detail Design Document and Drawings, as follows

Hook-up Drawings and Material Take-off

Loop and Wiring Diagrams

Layout Drawings for Field Instruments, Control and Technical Room, Analyzer House, etc.

Main and Secondary Cable Routing and Cable List

FAT and SAT Activities

Intrinsic Safety System Documentation

Equipment Layout

Piping and Equipment Layout Studies

Analysis of allowable forces & moments on equipment nozzles

Pipe stress analysis (static, dynamic & seismic above ground & underground)

Standard & Special supports; Special items (Expansion joints; Spring support, etc.)

Piping Material Take Off

Isometric & General Arrangements

PDS & PDMS 3D Modeling Equipment, Pipes, Supports (over 30 years cumulated experience of the people as 3D software users)

Model review (30%, 60%, 90%)

Clash check analysis

Static Equipment calculation: Mechanical design, anchor bolts, Weights for columns, Drums, Heat Exchangers, Fired Heaters, Tanks

Rotating Machines: Process Pumps, Compressors

Specification, Datasheets, Inquire & Requisition, Bid Analysis

Sketches & Guide drawings for: Nozzles orientation, Clips for piping, supports and platforms

Detailed Drawings & Vendor document Review

Remaining Lifetime Assessment

Insulation & Painting take-off

Shop/Site Technical Assistance






Static and dynamic analysis for wind & seismic loads

Detail design for:

Concrete structures

Foundation and structure reinforcement and formwork

Roads and pavement

Sewerage and water drainage

Plumbing and water supply

Material take-off

Field supervision

Load capacity analysis and expertise for existing buildings and concrete structures

Main steel Structure guide drawings

Static and dynamic analysis for wind & seismic loads

Platform & miscellaneous steel work drawings

Steel structure shop drawings and follow-up

Material take-off

Load capacity analysis and expertise for steel structures


Studies and calculations (short circuit level, cable sizing, cable ampacity)

Consumer list and load balance

General one-line diagram

Diagrams (switchboards & MCC single line, schematic diagrams)

Hazardous area classification

Specifications/Data sheets, Inquires, Requisition, Bid Analysis

Substation detailed layout

Cable list

Lighting, Earthing, Lightning, Communication system

Heat tracing system

Installation drawings, details and material take-off

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