Project Control

Pureworld will provide experienced personnel to support t Project Managers in the areas of network scheduling, cost control, earned values, change control.

The planning documents are prepared by the Project Controls/Planning Engineer, based on information provided by the Leads of the Engineering/Design Disciplines.


Milestones Schedule

Time Schedule level I – Overall Project Schedule

Time Schedule level II – detailed by discipline

Time Schedule level III – detailed at package level


Initial - the schedule will be based on milestone schedule and will be create for the support of execution phase.


Progress Reporting - provide weekly/monthly reports, with the following content:


Progress status actual vs. planned

Progress “S” curve

Description of the work performed during previous period / Description of the work to be done during next period

Document control register

Project Schedule

Awaited information/hold points and Need List

Change Order status

Invoicing status

The Schedule is presenting the project milestones, all key activities with corresponding start/completion dates and durations, the critical path and float.

The Project schedule is periodically updated with actual values and it is attachment to the Monthly Report.

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